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The Lance Wallnau Show

Oct 13, 2020

On this week's Firewall, I'm going to share the research I've done on the United States' historical cycles and show you the four previous crises that redefined us as a nation. I predicted that Donald Trump would be a Cyrus, but what happened after Cyrus came around?

In the book of Haggai, Prophet Haggai has said, "nothing you do from now on is working. Your land is falling apart." You know why? Because I gave you a window of grace to build my project, and you are all doing your own thing, consider your ways.

Two years into Trump's term, we mess up the midterms, we go home. Boom! Trump's under siege and the nation starts to wobble. Then we’ve got the China virus coming in. America is at a Crossroads of Destiny, and it is the intercession of the Saints and the mobilization of the yet immobilized that makes a difference. I'm going to summarise for you the entire Global shaking going on right now.