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The Lance Wallnau Show

Nov 12, 2019

What to know about this week... They are coming after Trump because his Attorney General is coming after them. The rogue State Department and intelligence officers who conspired to remove a duly elected President from office are pulling out the stops in the State Department. The so-called “whistleblower” (who didn’t actually even hear the call) actually worked for Biden and was involved with the Ukraine deals being investigated. Can you imagine? It’s like the Pharisees trying to come up with false witnesses to set up a crucifixion. Same tactic. Similar devils. So that’s what this is all about. Remove Trump before he exposes them. The coordinator of the Russia Hoax, former CIA Director John Brennan, told all his loyal supporters (the whistleblower used to work for him) to show up now and take the President out. One wonders if the Hill has the courage to expose what needs to be exposed. Especially because McCain (along with Clapper, and Brennan) helped pull it off. THIS WEEK it’s mind control mania on all media outlets. For news outlets, it’s make or break time to persuade the doubters that Trump is guilty. The goal is to damage his reelection and kill the coming Barr and Durham reports and criminal indictments into their own crimes. We will PRAY in this broadcast and I will share recent strategies and updates that are fresh and relevant to the battle we are in.