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The Lance Wallnau Show

Mar 30, 2023

Today's broadcast discusses the dangerous ideology of the radical left and how it's getting into young people's heads and destroying them mentally. We're also looking at a wave of conservatives having their Twitter accounts locked while trying to raise the alarm about a radical event promoting violence. All this and...

Mar 29, 2023

Be like a spiritual Gumby! Also, some personal insight on Trumps Waco message and attack on Ron DeSantis. Will he take my advice?

Mar 28, 2023

On today's broadcast, Lance, Carl, and Mercedes continue their conversation about flow and its four stages: struggle, release, clarity, and immediate feedback. You are born with a purpose for this hour, so catch this...

Mar 27, 2023

Today's broadcast discusses the spiritual invasion of America by activist groups and the major spirit of witchcraft we're up against. Jesus told us that we are the light; we are the city. The Bible tells us that lawlessness will abound in the last days, and we're watching these activists unthinkingly...

Mar 26, 2023

Today's broadcast talks about God giving rulers to a nation and why we need to pray for the right ruler. We, the church, also need to occupy the spheres of influence in society so we can push back on satan's hold of America!


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