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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jun 30, 2024

On today's broadcast, Lance discusses current events and makes predictions based on biblical patterns. He shares his perspective on the 2020 election and controversies surrounding Donald Trump while drawing parallels between Trump and biblical figures like King Cyrus. We're providing insight so you are "not troubled"...

Jun 29, 2024

In this electrifying episode, I'm diving into the intense battle Trump faced during the latest debate, exposing media bias and hidden strategies. Discover why Trump's resilience and JD Vance's VP potential could shake up the political landscape!

Jun 28, 2024

Watch as I reveal the mind-blowing encounter between Russell Brand and Jonathan Roumie (Jesus from "The Chosen"), plus uncover the electrifying true story of how Paul and Silas' midnight prison worship triggered a supernatural earthquake and mass jailbreak! You'll discover how to tap into God's power during adversity...

Jun 27, 2024

Crazy stories that will leave you shocked! Dive into my untold story about gangsters, supernatural encounters, and an angelic intervention in Philadelphia. You'll hear about my wild journey from business to faith and the powerful moments that shaped my spiritual path.

Jun 26, 2024

Join us in this electrifying episode as Lou Engle unveils the Esther Movement, a divine strategy to redeem our nation through prayer and fasting! Discover how this prophetic call to action can break the chains of darkness and spark revival. Don't miss out on this pivotal moment to stand united and shift...