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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jun 25, 2020

We're now on our eight race hoax, this time coming to you from NASCAR, courtesy of the driver, Bubba Wallace. He thought someone had left a noose for him in garage four which he took as a symbol of race hate. The FBI swooped in with 12 agents on the case to investigate, making it a priority. It turns out that nobody knew that Wallace would have garage four in advance and the rope he was calling a noose was to pull the garage door closed. It had been there since 2019. America is not a racist nation, but the narrative sure sells.

Federal law enforcement is entirely on the side of the Democrats. How many prosecutions are we seeing from rioting compared to so much FBI attention on a fake hate crime? Ask yourself who is being targeted for destruction right now? Anyone who's not on board with their program, you know, that includes local police departments, Orthodox Jews, gun owners, Fox News, NASCAR fans, traditional Christianity. That's not a random assortment of institutions. It's the people standing in their way.

BLM Activist, Shaun King, said on twitter this week that they should tear down white Jesus statues because they are a form of white supremacy. He further commented that Christianity is "actually whiteness with a Christian patina." It's just nuts!

It's such a mysterious time and judgement has begun. The eradication of global wealth, sucked up by the Wuhan virus. It looks like it's an entire scenario where the dragon is allowed to come up and America must be brought down and judged but God is willing to intervene for America if there is the right response!