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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jan 20, 2020

People have been asking me about 2020 and what it means prophetically and I've been cautious about answering that because the prophetic needs to mature and here's the thing - people are asking the wrong kinds of questions. Will Trump get re-elected, what's coming up in 2020, these are absolutely the wrong types of questions to ask. It's very important that we mature the way we pray right now.

I keep being reminded of Joshua and his prophetic assignment. Right now American is in crisis and the answer isn't a Republican or a Democrat, the answer is the church and God said the church is going to decide what happens to the future of the United States. There's the 70 year Cyrus cycle from Daniel, Steve Bannon's comments about the impeachment, the kids in Tehran, the kids in Hong Kong, the kids in Beirut trying to get rid of Hezbollah, the votes in Taipei all of these people praying to God that the west doesn't buckle.