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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jan 5, 2020

Amazing coincidence or prophecy? Donald Trump and Daniel chapter 10 - what the Bible says about the next year of Cyrus Trump! Today I want to give an update on the impeachment, what's happening with Donald Trump and his battle with the deep state, and some important theories on what's taking place to try and remove Trump from office. You know what really bothers me? The pious protestations coming from the Clinton era Democrats. We have Chuck Schumer saying it's completely reckless to undo the will of an election by the mechanism of impeachment, Nadler saying that it's unheard of that we would try to undo the election of a President with an impeachment mechanism, then rounding out the gang, we have Pelosi. All of these people there are soundbites out there showing that they know this is the wrong thing to do and here's the kicker - any time the Democrats control the house, they can now weaponise it to remove a sitting President, and undo any election they don't like!

We're now in the third year of Cyrus and Christians who think they can just declare and decree while our children are brainwashed into gender pronouns and Marxism at universities are delusional. This particular army isn't going to be stopped by faith without works - organising, voting and resisting the devil in every physical and spiritual form necessary. It's so important for the church to have a revelation on what's happening. I haven't seen anyone leading prayer on the major Christian television networks for religious liberty and that's going to be one of the things these socialist crazies take out. Meanwhile in the senate we have the Adam Schiff show, repeating again and again his little sound bite about what's "fair", Justice Roberts presiding over the whole impeachment mess is a never Trumper, and the Republicans are mostly silent, letting the Democrats control the message! Plus nobody is talking about the transcript - so let's take a look at that!