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The Lance Wallnau Show

Oct 9, 2019

Today I'm at Mount Zion and just behind me is the Mount of Olives. You can probably hear it in the video but they are doing the call to prayer around the country right now. Today is the day of atonement, Yom Kippur, the high holy day of the Jewish festivals. I'm flying out and I felt like the Lord was taking me back through Leviticus, through the significance of that one day a year.

In Exodus, God told Moses to instruct Aaron that one day a year he comes before the Lord's presence in the Holy place and that the cloud would form over the Mercy seat. He was to offer the blood of a bull and a goat and that sacrifice was for the sins of the nation.

The blood of Jesus is in heaven, right now, speaking on your behalf. Your job is to speak - to make your confession what the blood does for you. Stand strong in your faith, hold fast in your conviction, and know that the blood of Jesus has a voice, and it's the only blood in heaven. It's breaking every vex, every curse, every emotional dart in the name of Jesus!