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The Lance Wallnau Show

Mar 23, 2020

This week we've seen President Trump do everything he can to slow down the coronavirus but we've also seen how deep the media's Trump Derangement Syndrome goes. President Trump acted decisively, stopping travel to the US from China and of course, being accused by the fake news media of being a racist. We've also found out from a report that up to 90% of the coronavirus spread could have been stopped if China hadn't covered up what was happening. The first doctor in China to publicly talk about the virus, Doctor Li Wenliang, was arrested along with seven other doctors for "making false comments on the internet" about the virus. He subsequently died of it. Both China and Iran have now tried to blame the US for the outbreak!

Have you been watching the mainstream news sensationalise this whole thing? There's a great moment where President Trump just has enough and tells the reporter so. The President is trying to encourage people, telling them we're working on drug development, giving them hope and answers while on the other hand you have the likes of NBC and comcast trying to sensationalise it all. At a time where we as a country need to pull together, the media and the left will not let up because nothing is more important to them than taking this President out.

There's a spiritual battle in America and the spirit that keeps on manifesting is strife. We have to pray that the politicizing and manipulation of discontent and discord for political gain is exposed for what it is! We have to pray that the folly of these people is revealed. I've said that The Book of Haggai is the book for where we are - Isiah 45 prophesize the era of Cyrus's rising and we're looking at a Cyrus era where Cryus leaders are rising.