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The Lance Wallnau Show

Nov 15, 2019

I want you to meet two people I recently connected with, Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale, who have a ministry called the Divinity Code. They specialize in a couple of different things but one thing they are great at is prophetically interpreting dreams.

My wife, Annabelle, along with a few others, were moved to tears when they were prophetically interpreting dreams. They've also written a LOT of books, their favorite being The Divinity Code, a bible-based teaching that shows you how to understand your dreams and visions. So often, the Lord can be speaking to you and you miss it because you're expecting something dramatic when you could be missing the subtlety of God's supernatural!

We talk about Australia and the political miracle that happened there, President Trump and spiritual warfare in America, Australian PM Scott Morrison, and strangely, Russell Crowe and a word for America.