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The Lance Wallnau Show

Sep 25, 2020

In this week's Firewall, let's talk about the great promise in the book of Daniel, which has wholly fixated me for the last few years. You should grab your bible so you can look at this with me. The angels say to Daniel, "Seal up the words Daniel until the time of the end. Seal up the words." Well, what happens when God begins to break those seals? I think the code behind the shaking of nations and the chaos breaking out. I believe God is starting to reveal the chaos code.

A year ago, the Lord showed me Kamala Harris, and when she was running for President, I was surprised she failed so miserably. I showed an article from the Epoch Times with "President Kamala Harris." I knew she'd be Hillary 2.0 and would undo everything Donald Trump did. So we need to have a conversation, We've only got so many weeks left, and the chaos code has been revealed so we can function together. God is raising sheep nations, and He wants a church big enough and strong enough to covering over a nation!