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The Lance Wallnau Show

Sep 27, 2018

I don’t feel good about this Kavanaugh attack and where it’s going. Ann Coulter is right, “the only gang rape is what’s happening to Brett Kavanaugh.” I pray I’m wrong. I want to be wrong. You notice I’ve been silent. I made this broadcast when most of you are asleep. I sense this good man is going to be rejected. Unless he summons a Clarence Thomas moment where he turns the tables on this proceeding he will not prevail and this political waterboarding will destroy one of the most decent candidates on the bench. Where does he go to get his reputation back? Where do his daughters go? His wife? Ironically, if he is rejected you will watch these fake defenders of women savage Trumps next candidate, - a female. But that woman, Amy Coney Barrett, will be assaulted not over fake sex allegations. Her FAITH is going to be attacked. Her honor towards her husband will be mocked. But she will succeed in the end. And how will the failed Kavanaugh vote impact Republicans in the midterms? Sure, some folks will want to quit the Republican Party but this exhibition of Leftist hate will backfire in November. It will set the right on fire. They will hold the Senate. AND if I am mistaken I will sing “I Am Pretty” from West Side Story.