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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jun 13, 2018

I believe the RONALD and the DONALD have the same angel assigned. Both shifted the nation and the world in ways that advanced the kingdom and helped the church. Note the numbers 111 and 12 and 70 in the fullness of all this! This Summit takes place on 12th of June, the same month Ronald Reagan, on June 12th 1987 broke down the wall between east and west Germany. Donald Trump is breaking down the wall of North and South Korea. TWO 12’s speak of GOVERNMENT in heavens advancing! June 12 is also the 29th day of Sivan, when Moses sent 12 spies to check out the land of Israel’s inheritance. Psalm 2:8 is happening now as Cyrus Trump fulfills Isa 45:1 to align nations and break the threat of enemies. This is the Biblical month of alignment, direction and territorial/business expansion for the kingdom. MASSIVE PRAYER and BREAKING OF CURSES! Key Singapore leaders told me they had to really fight thru resistance by repenting for many prayer curses on Kim that authorized dark forces to create confusion. Once they broke thru they have pleaded for Kim to be realigned with his great, great grandparents who were Christians! Many thousands joined in prayer right up to the meeting. Thanks to all who got in on call and apologies to those who didn’t. We had an overwhelming response and I am in Jerusalem and could not facilitate as I usually would. NORTH KOREA CAPITAL Pyongyang was the center for Asian REVIVAL in 1907! That was 111 years ago. It was called the JERUSALEM of the East! Now a window is open for MASSIVE Revival by BUSINESS willing to go in and share the gospel while building up the nation. South Korea was founded shortly after Israel- Aug 15, 1948. That’s 70 years!