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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jul 28, 2021

Listen to this… big update!
1. Trump calls out Communist takeover in America.
2. Protests are erupting against corrupt and overbearing governments from Cuba to France and the U.K. Populist uprising are manifesting.
3. NOVEMBER 3! Don’t believe new election laws will fix anything. What we need is a full exposure of Theft, error and corruption on Nov 3! Only decertification and hard evidence will change the rigged system by 2022 mid terms.
Do this audit in Red States! Guess what we discovered? Surprise! Surprise! - Republicans are as corrupt as Democrats! They are hindering forensic election audit activity in AZ. GA. and MI. BOTH parties need to be dealt with.
GOOD NEWS! - One group is mobilized and demanding an audit of EVERY county! They are set up in 50 states and have 125,000 volunteers. They need you! Go to Telegram and look for “America First” audits.
4. FBI just got exposed in a way that opens up a huge hole in the D.C. Jan 6. narrative. Remember the plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer? The caper is rapidly becoming an FBI embarrassment as 12 out 18 participants are revealed to be working as either FBI informants and agents! is breaking the story and showing how the Michigan Capitol break-in is looking more and more like a dress rehearsal for group infiltration and facilitation for breaking into D.C Capitol.
5. Mike Lindell says his symposium on 10-12th will expose China interference on Nov. 3 election. He believes his evidence will convince Joe Biden and Harris to step aside. What do you say? I don’t think we understand that humans can “sell themselves to do evil” such as Ahab did (1 Kings 21:25)… We’re not dealing with honest people. Still, if the evidence is comprehensible and irrefutable as he says, it could go to the Supreme Court to rule on foreign interference. What then?
6. THIS verse jumped out at me… Jesus “went up on the mountain and SUMMONED those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him.”
Jesus is summoning those He is about to send.