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The Lance Wallnau Show

Aug 24, 2021

What happens next in Afghanistan and the United States?
You need to know:
1. The Intelligence community is throwing Biden under the bus. Woke military is experiencing a backlash for turning the worlds most respected force into a rainbow army.
2. We have a short window to recover the Bagram airbase we gave up in Afghanistan.
3. Watch for cascading anti-American unrest all over the Middle East and keep an eye on Iraq’s US embassy. Iran is taking over the Iraqi political infrastructure.
4. Al-Qaeda and Taliban are teaming up with China and Iran - all aligned.
5. All this is setting up an opportunity to shake and salvage America between now and November 2022!
We are one nation under God, and progressives are forcing another god on our culture. Your prayers are working. Trust God as Heaven is doing what the Bible calls a “strange work.”