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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jul 31, 2020

We’ve got an unusual Firewall episode today with a complete role reversal. Usually, when I’m with Jim and Lori Bakker, I’m on their show, but this time they were passing through Texas, so came to visit myself and Annabelle and check out the set. Now I’m sure you know Jim he’s one of the founders of Christian television!

the country has been in crisis the last few months, but Jim has been dealing with his own crisis. He’ll tell us about it and also how everything he preached from New Year’s Eve has come true. In January, Jim was dialing in on apocalyptic language. He felt he had to deliver his message, the “most important message” of his lifetime. Jim said something worldwide was going to happen. Little did we know, Coronavirus was already beginning to spread!

When you think about what’s been going on in Portland, Seattle, or even New York, you can’t help but think about territorial atmospheres. It’s not by accident that New York has been the most aggressive and obnoxious for Donald Trump. Trump said he’d gone so far out of his way to help Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo, and they get along great, but of course, as soon as they put the phone down, it’s a grudge match.

We talk about abortion around the world, the statues coming down in US cities, and so much more!