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The Lance Wallnau Show

Aug 28, 2020

The Bible says, "With much wisdom comes much grief." I'd rather be wise and know what's happening than be dancing along and singing a song and useless to the battle because I don't know there's a battle going on. Most pastors don't want to get involved with political discourse, and I'll tell you why.

In the Civil War, there was the North, the South, and the border states. In the North, the abolitionists had started a fire. This is contrary to what is taught currently by liberals on the left. In the North, Christian white people were the fire starters in the newspapers and in politics to get a Republican elected who would end slavery.

The North preached, "Emancipate the slaves."; the South preached, "Resist the tyranny of government." But what did the border states preach? Well, they chose, "Don't get involved with politics, focus on the Kingdom." What does that sound like? It sounds like almost all the preachers today. You know why? Because every church is a border state. You've got some Democrats, some Libertarians, some Republicans, some who don't like Trump, and some that do like Trump. So, should Christians be involved with politics and government?

Yes! We could shape and end this nonsense. Say what you will about communist China or the autocratic Muslim states. They have cohesion. They don't allow the chaos and the lawlessness that is evident in the west. In the last few years, we've witnessed the modern-day Cyrus rulers of nations rise up. They will form a wall against the emerging global economy and global government that will ultimately be the base system described in the Book of Revelation and Daniel. God has given us watchmen. Our job is to vigilantly mobilize like Haggai. The Zerubbabel's and the Joshuas, the people, the leaders because we still have time!