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The Lance Wallnau Show

Mar 16, 2020

I was talking to Rick Joyner last week and he said that Bob Jones had been rebuked by the Lord. It was when SARS, swine flu, Ebola - one of those outbreaks was going on when Bob prayed to the Lord about it. God said to him, "well, why are you tolerating this?" Now Bob Jones then said, "Lord, what do you mean? I'm not tolerating it, I'm just praying about it!" The Lord said, "I did not send it, why are you tolerating it? I'm calling upon the prophets to end it." Now of course all of those outbreaks were huge news, then boom - they just disappeared like that. Of course, this one we're facing now is a little different.

I've got prophetic words for you from Johnny Enlow, Shawn Bolz, Mario Murillo, Cindy Jacobs and more while we in the US are on this enforced Sabbatical.