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The Lance Wallnau Show

Jul 22, 2020

Over a year ago, Tucker Carlson and his family were harassed by protesters showing up on their lawn. His wife was so frightened that she was hiding out in the closet, and this didn't happen just once. It happened twice. I didn't know this, but they had to move. Now Tucker is saying that the New York Times sent a reporter and a photographer to stalk his family to the new neighborhood to harass him and publish his address, which would allow more crazy people to harass him in his home.

We're going to have to start going to spiritual warfare. I don't feel good about the direction the country is in right now. What we see now isn't journalism. Instead, it's the talking points for the progressives to work their agenda every four years because it's a presidential cycle. Academics are propagandizing our children, and instead of being thankful for their country, they hold it in contempt. Even if you disagree with people that support Donald Trump, to vilify 61 million people and accuse half of America as being homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and islamophobes is a species of insanity in itself.

Where are the Christian leaders? There are so many younger millennial pastors who are trying to align themselves with social justice Jesus and socialist Jesus; they are just clueless. There's going to be a new economic reset for nations if the United States does not have Trump strong and in office. From my perspective, the United States' financial solvency depends upon the confidence of investors, and the investors aren't going to have confidence in the Green New Deal of Cortez and the stuff coming out of the Democrats in office.

We are at the point where the situation is desperate. I don't know if the saints are, but you ought to be holding your Christian preachers and teachers to a much higher standard. This isn't an ordinary time. This isn't business as usual. And we're going to have to find our voices.