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The Lance Wallnau Show

Feb 14, 2020

I'm in Denver, Colorado about to give a talk but I wanted to give you a quick update on what's happening right now. Roger Stone, Manafort, Flynn - all of these guys have been caught up in the left's "Trump crime trail" unravelling, even though there was no crime. I mean we're still trying to figure out exactly what Stone did! All three of them are being punished for helping the President get elected. Roger Stone's sentencing, Barr and the prosecutors decided on a moderate sentence but then the judge suggested a nine-year sentence, which was not what Barr or the lawyers agreed on. Nine years for annoying somebody is harsh!

Now William Barr is going after the intelligence community and he's said he won't be bullied by the press or congress. People think he's gone against President Trump in the last few days but he hasn't he simply said his job would be a lot easier if he wasn't putting out fires all the time. He's also dealing with Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, making obnoxious comments about an Attorney General working with the President. Of course he forgets to mention that he was out on the golf course with President Obama all the time when they worked together.

There's a lot of monkey business going on in Iowa. So focused on constantly attacking the President the left, Schiff, Pelosi, the media - all of them missed that Bernie Sanders was surging ahead in Iowa. It took them by complete surprise and there's even been polling data suppressed. How could Bernie make it this far and what if he wins? It will kill the Senate for them, so they deployed Bloomberg with his billions.

Lastly, President Trump has offered 3 separate times for the CDC to go over to China to help advise them on the coronavirus, as the Chinese government has shut down a city the size of New York. The virus is the Chernobyl of China, so we're going to pray for them.

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