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The Lance Wallnau Show

Dec 27, 2023

Do you feel God calling you to attempt something so bold, so LARGE, that it’s frankly beyond your experience or budget? The supernatural is waiting to converge with your VISION... and catapult you into greater influence and impact this year. But how?

In this PROPHETIC episode, you’ll discover:

👉The key to unlocking a “Divine Gift of Faith” to accomplish your God-sized dreams (even when you lack the track record)
👉How to safeguard your “growth plates” this year: why the enemy targets connections and partnerships... and how to guard yours
👉A powerful prayer strategy to access supernatural turnarounds and favor
👉The “year of so much more MORE fruit”: prophetically interpreted just for YOU
And SO much more... including Lance leading you into fresh encounters with heaven’s outpouring!
If you’re ready to align your FAITH with God’s miraculous purposes... press play and expect encounter.

This is the year for audacious DREAMS and bold moves under a SUPERNATURAL show of favor.
It’s time to give God that “job” - tune in now!