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The Lance Wallnau Show

Feb 27, 2020

The 7m strategy is really something that I began working on and making public a decade ago when I noticed how the church as a rule was not really affecting cultural transformation. A lot of ministries engaged in it. But it's such a complicated subject, it seems it is just begging for a simpler template. This is a movement that Jesus started with fishermen and tax collectors. It's got to be simple enough so we can see how to change the world. First, the aim of the Christian has somehow been dwarfed, we were originally called to make disciples of all nations. And what we've ended up doing is seeking how to get souls saved and plant churches and start missions. Maybe what we need to be doing now in this complicated world that we're having such a limited impact is what we should be going into all the systems instead of going to all the nations because we've got churches all over the map!